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June 2023

Eva and Jasper; click below to hear Chapter One of the story titled 'Miss Partridge's School for Timid Girls'. This was one of the art works that I donated to Kenepuru Hospital in June 2023. Let me know if you would like to hear Chapter Two. 

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December 2022

New Work

While the Art trail was in progress I started some new collage pieces and a couple of those were since made into cards.  (Taking a bow and Roller-blading)



Having bought a lot of pretty tissue paper to wrap purchases in, I tried a few new ideas, for example collage with tissue paper onto hardboard. The colours were very bright, giving the work a kind of childlike naïve appearance.

The next bunch of experiments lead me somehow back to birds. I looked out some native bird pencil drawings that I did years ago (nothing is ever wasted in art – it always comes around again!) and tried using the accurate bird shape but collaged with unusual colourings. I liked the results of some of these.  A few of them can be seen in the beginning of a new card collection- ‘Birds’.


One of my favourites is a peaceful scene with two tui.

I like the combination of paint (water colour)  with collage and the way that the bird shapes are cut from one multi-coloured monoprint.

Yay for the magic of printmaking!

November 2022

The Art Trail was a great success. The weather was mostly good enough to allow us to sit outside under the sun umbrella between visitors, a satisfying number of people left the studio with a package tucked under their arm, and the feedback was very positive. Thanks to friends and family who rallied around to help – we couldn’t have done it without you!

The walls of my studio are still full of work (lots of new pieces already) and the space is open by appointment. Just phone 9055732 to make a time.

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